Thursday, July 14, 2011

One long day a surprisingly good day

I did not expect today to be very happy, it was after all, yet another funeral. This time it was a wonderful man who forgot more about dogs than I will ever know. I got to meet Louis Colby through his interest in breeding dogs, but that was not the only thing he did. He also breed some beautiful white pigeons, chickens, and even horses. He was an amazing man and I wish I had meet him sooner and known him better.

I got up early and called Tom just before I left, he was still not ready when I got there. The service was wonderful, lots of good memories of Lou. From the church we went to the cemetery, it was a private cemetery, back in the woods. Since Lou not only breed dogs, but raised horses and white pigeons the family found a way to honor all his interests.

The casket was taken from the hearse and placed on a horse drawn wagon. Walking with the family behind the wagon was one of his dogs, I real sweet heart of a boy who sat quietly during the service. At the end of the service two white pigeons were released from a small box and flew back to the house.

We went back to the house to have a nice meal and share some memories. I got a chance to talk to some people I only knew by email. The day just flew by, as people shared memories, told funny stories and made new connections.

I was suppose to head to Readercon today, but instead I decided to stay where I was. Tom's mom thought since I had mentioned as we were leaving that I had someplace I had to go by 4 that Tom would be back. Well we did not call her to tell her our change of plans and apparently she go worried.

Any way, I plan on heading up to the con tomorrow, I will be commuting instead of staying at the hotel. I was thinking of staying and had even reserved a room. I decided to cancel the reservation. It took 3 separate phone calls, being switched to the reservation desk and placed on hold. On the third call, from my cell phone as I was waiting for the funeral procession to start, I told the clerk exactly what I was doing. Instead of sitting on hold, I was transferred directly to a person. He asked me for my reservation confirmation code, which I did not have; being not at home in front of my computer. Then he wanted to give me the confirmation number for my cancellation. I said "In my car with nothing to write on, just email it to me.

While I was at the reception I got a few email contacts, being able to say "Hey do you want an invite to Google+" is the best pick up line ever. Well except to Tom who insisted several guys were flirting with me. Ghods, I think any time I talk to a guy and he is around he thinks I am being hit on. I told him on the way home how annoying I found that. He just kept insisting I did not realize I was being hit on. I kept telling him I know when I am being hit on. It happens to me ALL THE FRIGGING TIME! I can't go to the frigging grocery store without being hit on! I told him that if he did not cut it out I was going to HIT on him!

Honestly, I was thinking of bring him with me one day to Readercon Readercon. But considering how he reacts to normal people I don't think it is safe to bring him around fen.

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