Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Computer problems and storage issues

It started when T called asking me about pictures I had taken quite a while ago. It was a picture of him and the gentleman who died over the weekend. We are attending the funeral tomorrow and I just figured I would pull it off the external hard drive. Well sadly one the hard drive was plugged in the computer could not see it. So I grabbed the other hard drive. It can't see that one either. It's not the usb ports, they see the camera and the GPS just fine. Both external hard drives have the power light on, they are on all the time, just not hooked up into the computer.

So no pictures for T, or me for that matter because there is a lot of stuff sitting on those two boxes. Then I figured I would just go to comcast and pull up all the photos I have stored there. Except the file folders are empty, just empty. The file names are there, the links are there, but when I down load the file there is nothing there. Even Myspace which I have not been on in a dogs age (maybe two) all the photos are gone there to. Oh and myspace has a link to facebook. You can use your facebook log in to get a myspace account. Doesn't matter Google+ is going to take over the world. - to which I still have invites if anyone wants to get in.

So my old pictures are missing, meeting President Clinton gone. Pictures from every vacation I have taken (all 4 of them) gone. I already lost all the pictures taken from when I was married. Now I have lost even more. All the stuff I down load from my big computer after the motor died (don't ask it was nuts)

All of it, gone. I don't have the cash to bring the hard drives to a repair shop, and I don't know how to recover the comcast stuff. Yes I back every thing up on CDs once a week, so as long as I can read a disk I have what I have NOW. But the old stuff, it's gone.

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