Sunday, October 02, 2011

Just blah today

I had hoped to have saved enough money so when the October tax bill came due I would be able to pay it. I ended up not having enough and my bank account is frozen until next week. I thought the final bill would be 856.00 like the last three bills were. But the IRS decided I owed a bit more than that and took 300 dollars more. I had expected bill would leave me tight, but with something. Nope it left me in the negative. The good thing is when the IRS puts a hold on my account the bank will not charge me over draft fees. I have about 50 dollars on the Paypal card, so at least when I head to Hopkinton I can afford to get gas still. I was able to plan ahead, and get the food I need. So I am good with the basics for the next two weeks. I have all but one of my needed medications, and the one I did not get, while nice to have is not as necessary as as some of my other meds. The missing med is the super expensive "Hey I have energy" medication which I can kind of create on my own with lots of coffee and 5 hour energy drinks and the occasional hand full of ungrounded beans.

I got plenty of milk and even some powdered milk. Bills are paid, except the fee for my storage unit. I will be able to pay that by next week, so while I will be locked out of storage and have to pay a late fee. My storage will be safe until I am able to pay the bill.

I'm sitting watching "Mysteries of the Museum" the show just did a report on Alan Shepard's golf club that he brought to the moon. The club, really just a modified wedge attached to a tool used to pick up dirt samples. It took Alan 4 tries to hit the golf ball, and when he did the guys in Mission Control started cheering.

Wow this is two astronaut comments in two weeks. Well no one ever suggested I have both feet on the ground, much less can keep my heads out of the clouds.

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