Thursday, October 06, 2011

My totally different thougths about Steve Jobs death

Maybe it's just me, and some residual pain from my father's death earlier this year. But, I wonder why Steve Jobs spent so much time at work? He only left his job in August, a job that I am sure caused him to spend more than 40 hours a week at work. He spent the last year of his life working for a company that had made him wealthy beyond words, wealthy enough to have realize that family, not bank accounts are the greatest wealth.

I wonder if Steve Jobs had dedicated as much of his life to fighting cancer as he did to running Apple if he would still be alive today? Apple will survive with out him, it might not be the power house it was, but it will survive. Apple does not "need" Steve Jobs to thrive.

There are however, four people who have not yet been mentioned, who do need Steve Jobs to thrive, his children. Three are not yet 20, and the illegitimate daughter he refused to acknowledge for so very long is not much older. He choose in what became the last year of his life, to spend his remaining energy on Apple. Not on those 4 children, not fighting cancer, but on his company. His doing real well, money making powerhouse company.

Why did he make that choice, I wonder? I have been fighting cancer for a while myself, beat it back into a corner, into a cage that it hopefully will not ever get out of. I learned through that the importance of family, I reconnected with every one I could. Steve Jobs, for all his money, for all his vaunted smarts, his life project should have been his children, not on the Iphone 4

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