Thursday, October 13, 2011

Byron has had quite the week


Byron's ear has been bugging him, for a couple of days, I have been keeping an eye on it, cleaning it when he lets me touch it. Today when I woke up I realized the infection had gotten so bad that he could no longer hold up his ear. I left a teary eyed message for the vet this morning, Telling the answering service about his ear, and my inability to pay for any treatment. I waited for about an hour for the vet to call back and when she did not, I called T. After talking with him for a bit I concluded that there was no way I could care for this myself. I started to call the local free clinic Merwin when my vets office called me back. The office manager let me know that if I needed to she would hold a check for a few days and not cash it until I had my disability check cashed.


Poor little guy is not in a lot of pain, as long as he does not scratch his ear. The vet game me some medications for him, a calming topical spray to help him stop chewing on his hot spots. His surgery is scheduled for Friday. Talked to the doctor and the office manager, they are going to work out a payment plan for me. They gave me an estimate for how much the surgery would cost, best case 600 and change, worst case as much as 900 or even a thousand.

The allowed me to post date a check till my social security disability comes in next week! Then on Friday while Byron is under the knife I will sit down with the office manager and try to plan out a payment plan.

So since I am already in depressed, I figure I would watch a little bit of Animal Cops Houston. Much the same way I watch Hoarders to remind me I am a collector. I am watching Animal Cops to remind me that I don't neglect Byron. Just watched an episode where they rescued a horse that had fallen into a muddy brook. It felt good to watch a horse get saved.

While I was at the vets, the Bruins lost. So every thing is just turning out swell.


On Monday Bryon had a sore ear, it was not hanging right, and I noticed it was swollen at the base. I managed to get in to see his Vet. She took a look and did some blood work. She said that while it looked to be an Aural Hematoma and we should schedule surgery to remove it. There was no major issue so he could wait a few days and have the surgery on Friday.

Then yesterday happened. Byron had trouble walking, his ear had doubled in size. He spent most of the day hiding under the bed and growling at any one who came near. That is so not Byron behavior, so I called the doctor back. She suggested I bring him in this morning and they would take a second look at the ear. Both Monday and today she apologized for making me wait, I smiled and said "You are squeezing me in on a busy office day" I am just so grateful you have been able to squeeze me in. So Byron is there and I am here. This apartment feels so empty.

I sat in the parking lot for a few minutes looking through my purse for change. I had almost no gas and I was hoping that with the help of my Stop and Shop discount I could get a couple of dollars of gas. I had 4 dollars in quarters and ten dimes and a five dollar bill, so I figured I could get at least ten dollars in gas. I brought the change into the Shell station and counted it out for the clerk, he asked me if I had any other coins because they were short on coins. I pulled out my coin purse and dumped out all my pennies. I had almost two dollars in pennies, then the clerk took the Stop and Shop discount and I got one dollar and twenty cents, which I turned back in more gas. After all our high finance I went out and put the nozzle in my car. I figured that after all that money passing hands I was going to get 11 dollars and 60 cents in gas. Then I got 12 dollars in gas. The clerk had added the money in to make 12 dollars. Which is super sweet!!! So now instead of driving on fumes, I have almost a half tank of gas.

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