Monday, January 16, 2012

The closest thing to an Arisa con report I can do.

I ended up not spending a lot of time at Arisia this year. I had bought my brother a membership for +Christmas and the plan was to commute from Revere to the hotel.  They have a 12 dollar self park lot and a shuttle bus that drops off at one of the BCC entrances. From there it is pretty easy to walk the length of the BCC and take the sky walk over to the Weston.

I meet up with a friend, got a quick hug from Nightwing, then got on the shuttle to head over to Badgers memorial.  We were a bit late, there was only one empty chair, and I took that. I had brought my big bag figuring I would need all the stuff I usually left in a room.  I did not need all that stuff and the bag really weighed me down.

I got back to the convention and was in line to get my badge on Friday night when a friend called to let me know she was having an emergency. She had dropped her husband off at the con, where he is selling books and games in the dealers room.  I went looking for him, and my brother to let him know I was vanishing for a bit. I could not find him, and asked a couple of people to look for him, and call him. We meet up when the three of us returned and Joe and I had dinner.

When we got back to Revere Joe decided to head home and come back in the next morning. I had put together an overnight back, which I thought I had put some dolls in the bag to bring to a doll panel. But when I got there, I realized the dolls had stayed behind and I had been hauling around a large almost empty bag!!  Bummer....

Went to a bunch of panels, including one about building cities in gaming. I said I was not a gamer, but since I was an engineer I was there for the building porn.  I was not alone in that. We had a great conversation about how cities grow from small towns. Another topic of discussion was why cities are located where they are. Someone came out with the Boston roads are cow paths line, and I jumped right in to tell him he was wrong. Man I hate that old chestnut.

Took my mid day meds, without food like an idiot, something I would be paying for later. Meet up with Joe just after 5 and went back to the Birch Bar in the hotel lobby. We got seated right away and had the same server we had on Friday. Dad taught us to always tip 20 percent since as he said you are not tipping on this meal, you are tipping on the next meal there. So the Birch Bar may have been quite full, but we got great service.  It is the same policy I use during Readercon when Nightwing and I have our dinner delivered by the in hotel pub.  Use it, it works!!

I was not feeling all that great when I sat down, I just figured that finally getting some food and resting for a bit would help. It might have helped, but by 8 I was starting to over heat.  Dashed to the bathroom and my delicious dinner came back up. My heart started pounding and I got light headed. So I called my brother and asked if he was okay with us leaving. I felt well enough to drive home, and he decided again to return to Hopkinton.

I made the mistake of instead of heading to bed, I watched the Patriots game. Wow did they spank the Bronco's, even worse than they did in the regular season. I had flipped open tweeter and had fun tweeting during the game.  So ya, not only did I not take my medications with food like I am SUPPOSE to, but I stayed up way to late.

Joe called me on Sunday morning and asked how I was feeling. I felt awful like I had been run over by a truck driven by my own stupid behavior. Took my morning medications - with food - and then added some pain meds and muscle relaxers. Woke up around 2 feeling a lot better, but not really well enough to drive into Boston.  I had already decided I was not going to attend the convention today, so I did not have to worry about when I got up, or when I went to sleep last night. 

Watched some of the Golden Globes, the football game went over so my attempt to DVR The Simpsons and Family Guy ended up recording the end of the football game and the wrong cartoon.  Oh well, that is what Hulu was invented for.

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