Wednesday, January 04, 2012

My Mom is a well read Hoot

Most people, and I know I am one, do not see their parents as a whole person. As form me, I know my Mom loves to read, she is constantly picking up new books.  She loves Harlequin soft romance, and her favorite writer is Debbie Macomber and author I can honestly say I have never heard of. She likes other authors as well, but Debbie is her favorite.

So much so, that her web site is one of the five web sites she looks at on a regular - i.e. when I bring my laptop - basis. 

I was cool with that, Dad did a lot of reading and like me preferred non fiction to fiction. I loved sharing my discoveries with him. We both loved reading about the history of the area we both call home.  Mom, she was more of a light fiction reader, when not reading knitting patterns that is.

So she is going to visit my brother in California, my sister is going with her, and she was looking for a book to bring on the plane. While we were at B.J.'s she got two new books, a new Debbie and a couple of others from the same imprint.

The Bruins might have just got the 5th goal of the night, but it is under review. I would normally grab the phone and be talking to my Dad about the call. Except, I can't call my Dad, he is not on the other end of the line. I could try to cross over the curtain my self; just touch an ear to the curtain; but then I could not pay attention to the game.

Any way back to Mom.  I found two big books that I immediately wanted to grab, The Complete Sherlock Holmes and The Complete Edgar Allen Poe. Both were 6.99 and I wanted to grab both of them!  My Mom picked up the Poe book and started flipping through the book. She then said some thing I never expected to hear from my Mom,

   "I use to read Poe all the time. He was a great read on a dreary day."  I was floored just floored.  I never thought of my Mom as a person who read the heavy stuff. She flipped through the book, I'm not sure which one she started to read. I decided to get the Holmes book myself, I have all the stories in E-book form, but this edition includes the original illustrations from Sidney Paget. I put the Poe back down, but I think I will be down loading it to her new Kindle when she gets back. She does not like fantasy or science fiction. But she read Poe, I guess I will have to ask her if she read Lovecraft?

I did not bring my lap top today, but it was okay because I started inhaling the Holmes stories. When my brother called to say he was stuck at work for another few hours Mom made dinner for just her and me, and made enough so he would have leftovers when he got home. Byron wanted to get some table scraps, but she told him he was barking at the wrong twin. She laughed as she told him that.

Mom finds Byron very entertaining, he loves to cuddle up to her then look at his dog treats, then back at her. He twice managed to unhook his leash while he was in the car. We can't figure out how, I think the clip might be loose. 

Well any way, back to the Bruins game, less than two minutes to go, I am pretty sure they got this one.


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