Saturday, December 24, 2011

I still believe in Santa

   I will never stop believing in Santa!

He is in every gesture we make to help a stranger, Santa is there.
Every smile we share with a stranger, Santa is there.
Every time we remind our selves we love our family, even when they drive us crazy.

When standing in line we help cover the grocery bill of the person in front of us, Santa is there.
When we stop to help a parent lug a stroller up an escalator, or on to a bus even thought we are in a rush.
Santa is there, he makes his list, he checks it twice.

He is a spirit older than Christianity, who's holiday was taken over but not replaced.

He is our better self, so no matter what my age, I will always believe in Santa.

I miss my Dad, normally today we would be on the phone complaining to each other about how bad the Patriots are playing, and making jokes about loading up the sleigh. Merry Ho Ho Ho Ho Dad

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