Wednesday, December 21, 2011

My mom is a hoot.

I slept through my alarm again! Mom called me at 10:30 and woke me up. Quickly jumped into the shower and grabbed Byron to head out to Hopkinton. We only had a couple of stops to make, BJ's for power shopping, Walmart for a new container to store Dad's stuff. Then a quick walk through Stop and Shop to get a few things. When we were in BJ's  I got some of Byron's favorite food treats, freeze dried pork strips. As we walked around BJ's people kept commenting on Byron, and she enjoyed telling people all about him, his age his breed, his talent. The store clerks at BJ's are getting use to his weekly visits, and a few of them know him by name. Well almost name, they remember it starts with a B, so he gets every thing from Brian, to Bill. Except for the ones who think his name is Myron. When we got back to the car and started putting in our groceries I opened  one bag of treats to distract him.  That was in retrospect a bad idea.  Byron knew the bag was there, and tried to get to it as Mom and I were emptying out the car.  He tried again when we were taking groceries out of the car, but I hid the two bags under the seats so he could not get them.

Mom made a boiled dinner, carrots, potato, and kielbasa. The kitchen does not have a good heating unit and gets cold so the three of us went into the living room to sit and wait for dinner to finish. Byron curled up on the rug at my feet. He got bored with that and decided to jump on the hassock. Mom was totally against that and we both scolded him. He instead rolled over on his side and gave Mom the sweetest puppy smile he could muster. No dice so he got off the hassock extra slowly, leaving one rear paw on the seat as long as possible. Then he plopped down on the rug again, with a mighty sigh looking around for one of us to give in and let him sit on the hassock.

Went into the kitchen, where he curled up under the table. Sniffing a bit when he thought he might get a treat. After dinner I headed back into the city, intent on stopped at CVS to pick up my medications. I am trying to get a nice stockpile before the end of the year since I am in the third stage of Plan D and my medications are just four to ten dollars.

We were going through the 128 tolls Byron must have realized one of the treat bags had slid out from under the seat. He jumped in the back seat and went to town. I had no way of getting him back in the front seat or even getting the bag away from him until I reached CVS. When we got there I took both bags of treats out of the car and brought them into the store with me. I left him in the car since putting on his vest is a bit of a reward for him. When I got back to the car he was sitting in the front passenger seat looking ever so sad.

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