Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I made a great meal

Try to follow me on this...

Yesterday I was feeling like crap and I asked koshmom to come and walk Byron for me. I had taken a small bit of pork out of the freezer intending to eat it last night. But I decided white rice and diced tomato was a better idea.

While koshmom was gone walking Byron I decided to make a pot of Thi Tea. I had had 3 cups of coffee, and she had brought me a fourth cup.  I figured we could sit for a little bit, but she had errands to do and had to go. How amazing a person is she to divert from her own errands to take care of me!

Anyway, after she left I had a cup of tea myself, leaving me with about a cups worth of liquid. I did not want to just toss it out, but I was totally done on drinking it. Then I had a strange thought I decided to toss the still slightly warm tea in the zip lock bag with the defrosting pork!  Kind of strange I know, but hey I had to give it a try.  The tea did not add anything to the taste of the steak, but it did give it a nice brownish hue. I should have maybe tried it without adding any spices, just to see how it would taste. After a few flips I decided to add a few spices, some ground garlic, salt, pepper, parsley and oregano. My four go to spices.

I should have taken a picture of dinner before I ate it, but I forgot. Sorry! The taste was different, and I think I might play around with tea again. I think maybe I might sprinkle the tea on to a bit of meat.  I tried that with coffee, both using it as a marinade, and as a spice. I found it added a little bit of a color to the meat, but not any difference in taste. Has any one else tried something funky with or an unusual ingredients? . 

Kept my hammer in it's spot all day, and was able to put up some tiny wreaths in the bathroom. I need to get some more hanging wire to put up a few more things.

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