Friday, December 16, 2011

Identical hoots

I went out to Hopkinton to pick up my Mom. She wanted to spend the weekend with her identical twin sister. I made a point to bring Byron with me because he is ever so popular with my aunt and grandmother. I got a chance to meet with the hospice nurse who comes in three times a week to bath my grandmother. She is only a few months from 100 years, and as many of you know I have a very poor relationship with her. But the both love Byron so we have that in common. I should have sent that letter into the etiquette column years ago. It would not have made us close, but it might have helped.

My aunt made a roast beef for lunch first she cut up a bit of roast beef for Nana, then started cutting up another piece for Byron. He got his own plate! And when he finished what she had cut up, she started feeding him under the table!

When Byron and I got in the car he jumped into the back seat and looked back toward the house. I think he expected Mom to get in the car with us. At the end of the street Byron looked out the back window and started barking. I told him he would see her again soon.

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