Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Thoughts on the life of Mallory

Not many people know Mallory, he was a keeshound who played an important role in getting Byron and I together. Back in 2002, as my medical issues tossed me to the ground, Mallory was a keeshound owned by Nightwing Whitehead. She likes to have two dogs and when she heard about a keeshound being held by New York City Animal Control. He was a tiny thing, a bit wild and crazy but she thought this little boy would make a fine companion for Mallory.

Well it did not work out that way, but more about that later...

I was still working then, had an hour long commute, to a job that was overwhelming me. I got into the habit of stopping to see Nightwing before finishing the commute home. She was and is a very dear friend, a person I look forward to seeing. On January 25th she called to let me know that she had a new keeshound in resendence. She decided to name him Byron, after the poet, and I guess in his furry period - ya if you don't get that joke it means your normal.

It was cold I was wearing my favorite coat and carrying a back pack full of work. It was one of those jobs that eats you alive. When I got to the house I saw a skinny little puppy, a bit wild, totally without manners and afraid of his own shadow. Mallory made sure he was the alpha dog quickly enough, not allowing Byron to sit near me or Nightwing. Byron went from sitting near us to hiding in the dining room.

When I got up to leave I discovered my coat missing! Byron had taken it pulled it over to my stack of work and had fallen asleep guarding it. I guess he wanted to make sure Mallory did not take that too. I played with him a little before leaving the house that night, and continued to visit and play with him on a regular basis after that.

One day in April I got a phone call telling me I should come down and say goodbye to Byron. Mallory was not happy to have him there and the dogs were getting into fights. I was no longer working but had started the long process of becoming permanently disable. So I had a wonderful idea, instead of going down to say good bye to Byron I decided to make him a part of my life.

Yes without Mallory being territorial, Byron would have stayed in Windsor Ct, and I would not have him in my life. So thank you Mallory, you gave me Byron...

Sleep well Mallory, thank you for giving me an amazing gift.

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