Sunday, February 26, 2012

Back from the concert - Byron was great

A splendid time was had by me, and Byron. I was seriously thinking of leaving him at home. He did not agree. As I was getting ready to go he positioned himself in front of the door and refused to move. We got to the car and headed out, my first job was in Natick in a building right next door to the Natick Center for the Arts which when I worked in down town Natick was a fire house. I even parked in the same parking lot I use to park in for my job. Getting there was easy, I just took the pike to route 30 then route 27 to Natick center. I pulled out my GPS, which has been sitting on the desk for quite some time. It started out okay but once i got off the highway it locked up. I knew where to go so I just put the unit in my purse and kept driving. The opening act was Emily Elbert a real sweet singer songwriter, who did a short set. At the end of her set I wanted to go out and sign up for her mailing list, but instead got distracted by the people sitting near me. Byron had gotten up for the first three songs, thinking that meant the show was over, since that is what applause means at the end of science fiction panels. He realized that applause meant nothing so he settled down for a nice long nap. During the intermission a woman was was volunteering at the show asked me about Byron and his training. She has a friend with MS who is looking to get a service dog and has been having trouble. Apparently she has tried 3 times to get a service dog, and the group doing the training has said she did not properly bond with the dog. I gave her my card and told her to have her friend email me. I am not sure how I can help, but maybe just talking to her will help. Joan was great, as expected. She opened with a new number and then went right into Saint Teresa. I loved the show, I just wish she had a few copies of her now cd out. The CD drops on March 27th, so I'll be hitting up a record store, or something like that soon. Byron stayed right under my chair all night! His butt stuck out into the row of seats behind me, I checked with the woman sitting behind me to make sure he was not in the way. The couple sitting next to me mentioned how sweet and quiet he was. At the end of the show Byron really wanted to go out, and we had to kind of had to push our way through the crowd. I went back into the building after he peed, because Joan was doing a signing after the show. The line was really long and it was almost 11. I was given the option of just sitting and waiting until the end of the signing, except there was no guarantee she would stay to sign every thing. So I decided to head home. When I got back in the car I plugged the GPS back in, but the screen stayed black. It would not even turn on! Luckily I knew how to get right back to the Mass Pike, travel right down 27 and connect with 30. I have the GPS on the charger now, and I am hoping that the problem is just a really dead battery and not a massive failure.

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