Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My busy month so far

Well I did not realize I had gone so long without posting. I have been organizing my library here at the apartment. Funny, but I am finding some books I have duplicates of. Other books that I know I have, I can't find any where. Well I still have a few boxes of books in storage to go through, so I am not quite ready to go on an ordering spree. I have been thinking of starting a new book list, one I can list as apartment. I have a library thing and a good reads account but I am not sure how updated they are. So instead of painstakingly going through pages of books it might be easier to grab my cue cat and just start a new list. I can't find some of my Arthurian books, including a few that are out of print. I will have to keep opening boxes and trying to find them. I find it a bit odd some of the books I can't find. I tried really hard to organize books by subject as I was packing them up. I know the two people helping me pack did not take them, they did not value books and would have had no idea what to take. So they have to be some where!

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