Thursday, March 15, 2012

Today had two stories

This morning I went to the apartment of a neighbor to walk his dog. He broke his leg a couple of weeks ago, and I have been taking his dog for a walk for him. His dog is a little terrier mix, and is very fearful of people. Walking with her is generally keeping a job of keeping people away from her. She does not bite me, but if someone walks to close to her she will growl and nip. Sadly the one thing I had been concerned about happened today. As we were walking back from the beach she spun out and grabbed the pants of a person walking by her. She ripped his jeans, and scratched the skin underneath. I am not sure the guy realized she had bit him. I stopped him and asked him to check and see if she had got him. I asked him to join me in returning to the building with me to talk to the owner. I was not sure if she was all up to date with her shots. I can't figure out why she is a nipper around strangers. I went over to Koshmom's house so we could take a quick (actually long) run to a garden center. She is a big fan of Kane's Flower World, and I don't understand why. Yes their prices are low, but so are Wal-Marts, and at a least in Wally's world the employees are nice! I like to go to garden centers where they know about things like customer service. I had my Christmas cactus in the car and was hoping they might give me some advice on bringing it back to health. I figured it just needed some fresh dirt and a simple re-potting. They refused to even look at the plant, much less give me any advice. The center of the plant was turning brown, and it really needed re-potting and fresh soil. I really don't like the place but Koshmom swears by it. I think next time she suggests going I am going to pass. I think growing up near Weston Nurseries. Considering White Flower Farms to be the local growers of note. Then returning to Boston with the benefit of a Mahoney's Garden in my neighborhood has spoiled me. On the way home I was craving a shamrock shake from McDonalds. Yes I know it's just a vanilla shake with green food color and peppermint flavoring, but I like it. I stopped at 3 yes 3 McDonalds and all three of them had already stopped selling them. I was so pissed!!!! Well the last McDonalds I went to is right across the street from KFC, and since yesterday's South Park, I have been craving me a little KFC. So I drove across the street an ordered a small meal. Just two pieces of chicken, mac and cheese, and a single biscuit. Then I stopped at Stop and Shop and got a carton of vanilla ice cream, if I can't get a shamrock shake, I'll just make my own.

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