Saturday, March 17, 2012

Two hoots in bloom

I wanted to go to the Boston Flower Show and I did not have any one to go with, I really don't like going by myself. I realized that I did have some one to go with, a hoot out in Hopkinton who never says no to any of my crazy ideas. Well some times she says no, but always for a good reason. I called Mom and asked her if she wanted to see the Flower Show, she told me she had never been to the Flower show an had always wanted to see it! Silly woman, I told her had I known that we could have planned ahead! Which we will, next year.

I went out and picked her up and drove back into town. I am not sure where my brain was but first I thought the event was at the Boston World Trade Center, so I went to there. Well I was wrong, it was 4 blocks away at the Seaport Trade Center. Some how, I could not negotiate those 4 simple blocks and ended up on the Mass Pike heading east, in other words back to Revere. I had printed out the directions before I left the house, I had just left them in the printer. So we stopped back here, dropped Byron off as he was being a beast and headed back into Boston. A quick little trip, no more than 7 minutes and 8 miles away according to my infernal GPS. So with the directions in had and KITT as navigator off we went. Kinda... See KITT told me to turn left at an intersection that had two left turns, don't ask it's a Boston thing we really do have other lefts. I went left, but I went ALL the way left instead of half a way left. KITT really should be more specific.

 I figured since I knew where we were suppose to end up I could ignore KITT so I did, at my own peril. Because for reason I still do not understand dear reader, and in the time it will take you to read this entire post start back at the beginning and find your self here again,  I   missed   the    turn!

For those of you lucky enough to have never driven in Boston, or dealt with the big dig, the exit to South Boston and the many multiple trade centers Boston has is very well marked. It is if you are paying attention easier to miss the beach than it is to miss this exit.

 I should stop now because well I missed the exit.

 I turned KITT back on, and he redirected us to the proper building. So what should have taken at best 40 minutes turned in to an hour plus adventure. My mom enjoyed her self thoroughly before we even GOT to the darn flower show!! Well get there we did, and the show was every thing she had hoped for. I took lots of pictures and picked up some thing nice for Tom and his mom, it's tiered planting system, all flexible vinyl. I saw some amazing art while we were there, and reveled in the beautiful plants. The fragrance of the Flower show is something to behold. I know winter was neither brutal or cold, but seeing so many plants in bloom would make anyone happy.
Still learning how to use my big camera, so not so sure of how my pictures came out. I have been taking lots of pictures of my Barbie doll collection that I am putting on my pinterest because unlike Byron and Purrball they will pose for me all day. I have been working on Barbie dolls wearing wedding dresses. Next I think I might get all my Ken dolls together and put them all in suits.

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