Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Kohls 0 hoots 2

It Wednesday, and you know on this blog, Wednesday is hoot day! Mom had the Kohls add and they were offering a hot air pop corn popper for 19.99 and the same Food Network steamer I had for 30.00. The Kohls near her was out of the steamers but they did have the pop corn popper. We went to the desk with the popper and it rang up a full price. My Mom had the add with her and showed the desk clerk that the popper was on sale. She got the sale price and I figured that was the end of it. I told her I would go to the Kohls near my house on the way home and get the steamer for her.

From there we went to do our other errands, looking for a replacement fern leaf bleeding heart. We did not find one at Home Depot last week or Lowes this week. Time to hit the net. Looks like Mahoney's has it. I guess I'll be over in Brighton tomorrow. T's been wicked sick so I can't go hang out with him, with my immune system (or lack there of) I would be flat out pretty fast.

We got back to the house and Joe was mowing the lawn, Byron had fun rolling in the newly mowed grass. He left a little green ring on my car seat. Lovely, just lovely.

Well I told Mom I would go to Khols and see if I could find the steamer there. She told me to take the flyer with me in case I had a problem. I tried not to, but she was so insistent, and as it turns out right.  Because guess what, yup same problem. I pulled out the flyer from my purse and had just about the same conversation with the store manager as she did in Milford. Oh I was so pissed!! First they tried the "that flyer has ended" but I pulled out my phone and showed them it was still April 25th. Then they tried to tell me the flyer was not valid in that store. Well I quickly pointed out that the Medford store was indeed listed on the flyer. Not only did the store manager admit I was right, but she offered me an additional 5% off of my total sale, mostly I think to get me the hell out of the store. Well it worked, but I'm still pissed.  Just might be writing to store management after the hockey game.

On the way home my cell phone rang, it was my friend, on her cell phone, she never uses her cell phone unless it's an emergency. I asked her where she was and she said "right behind you!" I looked in the rear view mirror and there she was! I started to tell her my Kohls story, but she does not like to talk on the phone while she drives. Me I just toss the phone on the dashboard and chat away. I followed her to Sally Beauty Supply, which reminds me, I should check and see if they have an app. I grabbed a few more of their dirt cheap sample bottles, they were having a buy two get one free special.

I was standing in front of the CVS looking at it and trying to remember what it was that I saw this morning at CVS. They were having a buy one get one free sale, and I could not remember on what. So we both walked in the store and I wandered around looking for the sale. Turns out it was gatoraid so I grabbed four bottles. They also had the new mint and raspberry jelly M&M's. So I got some of them too. 

Well it's 8:30 I should eat some thing, gonna go yell at the Bruins some more. I would be in an a better mood if the Bruins were playing better.

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