Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Purple hoot

It's Wednesday and on this blog Wednesday is hoot day!

I put the food steamer in the car last night so I would not forget it. I did not call her last night or this morning like I usually do. I have started to figure that it is a given, but she was unsure. So back to calling her on Tuesday evening.

We kind of had an idea of something to do on Saturday, but instead she decided to go to an all day Lions meeting so I am free to go some where else. Now this might not be that important a story, however, this is MY Mom.  She is a member of the Ashland Lions and the club has a club color. Purple, very very purple. She wanted to get a new purple polo shirt that she could wear during the day. She has a purple sweater and a purple club polo shirt, but she wanted another one. After we got our few groceries we went first to Old Navy, then Gap, the K-Mart looking for just the right color. Old Navy had a short purple sweater which was way to young for a 73 year old. Heck it was to old for me, and I never say that. Went to the GAP next and wow, their stuff is crap! So fragile and thin I wondered if it would have stayed together had she tried the shirt on.

Kohl's had nothing so we went into KMart, they had some nice purple tops, and matching purple jeans.  I cracked up, even going so far as to offer my Mom money to put them on. I got as high as 50 dollars and she just would have nothing to do with it. No go, darn they just matched! The had a couple of purple shirts that were close to what she wanted but not really. I suggested she get them because even though they were not just what she wanted, they were close enough in case we could not find exactly what she wanted. We went back to the house and on the way, Mom started talking about J.C. Penny, she loves that store. We got directions to the nearest store, one of only 4 in eastern Mass. We went in and there were those purple jeans again, well not the same brand, but the same purple. She also found one purple polo top, just what she wanted. So next week we will bring the shirts back to KMart.

When I was doing my laundry a couple of days ago some of the ladies that like to hang out in the lobby were surprised at the weight of my reading. I kind of riffed on the number of books I had and mentioned even having one on Krakatoa. No one knew what that meant, and Flo said she might want to read that, so today after I called Mom to let her know I was home I brought the book over to her. I tried to pull up my entire library on my smart phone. But I could not get a connection. So annoyed! I have the entire list printed out, I wonder if I should put the list in a spreadsheet so I have it with me even  when I am not on line.

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