Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Ya Obama is for gay marriage. He's not re-elected yet so you might want to vote

It's nice that Obama stood up for gay marriage, but now the right wing nut jobs are going to be out in force to stop him. We need the 40+ percent of people who never vote to get off the couch and vote.
The biggest problem with same sex marriage, civil unions, birth control availability, abortion rights, universal health care and even student loan debt and mortgage relief is the people who support those things don't vote. And the people who HATE THOSE THINGS DO!

I'll celebrate Obama's position on the second Friday in November if he wins a second term and control of the House and Senate. The only way he will do that is by getting people who have never voted to VOTE.
Let me put it this way, 
- If you are an adult  who has sex, you might want to vote this time.
- If you are a person who believes any one who wants to marry deserves to marry you might want to vote this time. 
- If you live in one of the "swing"  states of Michigan, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and New Hampshire, and you want to see President Obama have a second term, you might want to vote.
- If you have ever been sick and unable to see a doctor because you did not have health care, you might want to vote.
- If you just watched your student loan rate double on your useless college degree, you might want to vote.
- If your house is worth less than you owe on it, or you have lost your house to foreclosure, you might want to vote 
Pretty much dance around and have a drum circle or what ever will make you feel better today.  Then go out tomorrow and register to vote! Then remember to vote come November, because it's the one duty you have to this great country.

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