Friday, June 29, 2012

It's the end of a year

Last June I was cold called by someone who wanted to offer me an job as an Occupational Safety Engineer. I use to get those calls a lot, more so when I was still married, as that is the name my degree is under. It got slower over the years, but still I would get the calls. How people found me I don't know, because while I did tell my university of my name change, I never changed it on my transcripts or my diploma.  I wonder how much that would cost, BYW.

My last call was according to my personal blog June 17th 2011. It's June 29th which means it has been a full year since I received a job offer. It could be my age, I am 52, or it could be that all the people I told to enter my field have done so and the jobs are filled. Or perhaps

Either way, it's been a year, and quite a year it was. Over all my health has been stable, not better than in past years, but I have a new normal now. 

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