Thursday, June 28, 2012

Two hoots and a garden

This morning was so nice, it was a tiny bit cool and I was all wrapped up in my comforter. It felt so good that when the alarm went off I did not want to crawl out of bed. But I did because it's Wednesday and I had places to be. I got there around 11ish, and we headed out to our errands. We were thinking about getting mulch, and could not decide if we should stop at Lowe's or Home Depot. I remembered that we had seen mulch when we went to B.J.'s last week so I figured we should just try there.

The new Price Chopper in town has been open about a week, and we went in today to check it out. They had butter & sugar corn for sale, that is a corn that has both white and yellow kernels. It tastes great, but I did not get any. The container was very picked over. We both applied for frequent shopper cards. They had some great stuff, including some chicken halves for a very good price. It was a 2 per shopper limit so I bought one and Mom bought two. We did our usual massive money exchange, I bought the mulch and we decided we were even.

We got to B.J.s and I was able to grab for my friend Bill Nowlin "Fenway Park at 100" Which I found so now I have to get him to autograph it. I am leaning toward some thing funny, just have not totally made up my mind yet. I picked up the book, and 4 bags of mulch for gardening. The kid who helped me load the mulch in the car managed to drop the book on the ground and then run the cart over it. No major damage, he tore the book cover. The book it self was not damaged so I just put it in the car.

When we got back to the house it was time to start doing some gardening. First I opened a bag of white rocks and spread them around the plants we planted two weeks ago. From there we got the weed whacker out and I started clearing grass around the shrubs and the center garden. Mom wants to take what plants she can out of the area and let the circle go back to grass. We cleared that out and went inside. That was when I realized I had missed a cal from koshmom* about her car being ready. I headed out to pick her up but thanks to traffic issues was unable to get there in a decent enough time for them to get their car.

Got back to the house and tried to decide what I wanted to make for dinner. I grabbed smelts yesterday but they were still not thawed out. I guess that makes them tomorrows lunch instead of today's dinner. I just made myself a sandwich and nibbled on some fruit.

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