Friday, August 10, 2012

Readercon fail - my mother asked me to post this. Then I thought of something

So when I was out in Hopkinton, making plans to bring her down to Plymouth, my brother and I started talking about the Readercon Fail. She wanted to know what we were talking about, so Joe and I described what had happened. My Mom is in her 70's still going strong and one hell of an opinionated lady. Her feeling was that if Rene Walling had done that to any one he deserved to get two things. First a fat lip, and second banned for life. We starting talking a bit more, she has been asking about Readercon Fail every time we talk.

Yes Readercon fail has gotten so big a woman who is not even on the web is following it!

When I went to Plymouth today she asked about what was going on. I let her know that other people had come forward to say he had harassed him, and apparently the only reason something was happening this time is the person he harassed had some serious fan cred herself. Apparently, he has been in the habit of using his position in fandom to harass woman for many years. So ya, now back to the regular hoots

I got down to Plymouth just before noon. Mom had made dinner and we sat down and ate. I had told my aunt that I would take her shopping again if she needed it, but her daughter-in-law is going to take her tomorrow. I had also said that I would take my uncle to the store if he came over when I arrived. Well my aunt called and he did not want to come over, he said his legs hurt.

So once dinner was done we headed out to Hopkinton. Tomorrow would be my Dad's birthday so we went to the grave site and planted a white mum. From there I headed back to Revere. Got caught up on a few things, and now I'm watching Hoarding:Buried Alive on TLC. It's mother daughter bonding time. We call each other to talk about the hoarders just like Dad and I use to do with sports. Kind of tired, going to go to bed pretty soon.

I was reading more about Readercon fail  this great article my policy  When I had an odd thought, if an unknown nobody 20 something first convention attending woman had been harassed, would we be having this conversation?

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