Saturday, April 06, 2013

Interesting post on Alternet

The author mentioned that no one calls Bernie Madoff, (what a perfect name  BTW you think someone would have had second thoughts there) . an illegal. Apparently missing the connection between the different level of crime being committed. 

More interesting to me my response.

Oh where oh where do I start.
Bernie Madoff is not an "illegal" he is a criminal who is serving his time in prison. David Vitter is a scum bag, but not an "illegal". Being in this country without proper documentation is a civil offense. We should change that and make it a criminal offense, coming here illegally should be a greater crime than skipping jury duty.
Now like most people in this country my ancestors came from some where else. Yes I am glad for that. All of my ancestors came into this country legally. Waiting to be processed at Deer Island in Boston Harbor. They had to prove they had a job lined up, or a family member ready to take them in and support them until they could support them selves. They had to show that they would not be a burden on this country. Or that they had some special talent that this country needed. I believe in Boston we call that the David Ortiz clause.
I live in a wonderfully integrated neighborhood. I hear Spanish, Cambodian, Arabic and Russian on an hourly basis plus I am sure others I can't even guess, no Klingon though bummer. All of my neighbors are people who applied to immigrate to this country. They had to apply and wait for permission to come here. Some came her straight from refugee camps. Others are displaced persons who have been without a country for many years. Both groups I think more than deserve respect for following the rules and making this country their home.
I am only asking for a couple of things. First that people should only come to this country legally, that our borders are sealed. Secondly that the people who have already entered the country illegally admit they did something wrong. If they want to stay in this country well it's time to meet the same requirements my neighbors have, and the ones my distant ancestors had to as well. To prove that they can support themselves, that they will not be a burden to this country, that they learn English, as my many neighbors are struggling to do.

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