Saturday, April 20, 2013

The rest of you shut up!

I really hate listening to people who say Boston cowered, or Boston was under martial law. We were not scared, we are not stupid. We got out of the way and let the PROFESSIONALS DO THEIR JOBS!

So tell me, all you "I would have grabbed my gun and found the bomber" if a house in your neighborhood is on fire do you get in the way of the firemen with your garden hose? No you get out of the way and let the professionals do THEIR jobs. Which is what we did this week, just as we did during Snowstorm Nemo, we got the hell out of the way and let the professionals do their jobs.

 I tremble to think how many other people would have been injured if every person in the Greater Boston area grabbed a gun and went out looking for the brothers. Do the police arrest everyone? How many scared people shoot each other because they "might" be the bad guy?  What Boston, and Greater Boston did was the right thing, we got out of the way and let the professionals do their job. One of those professionals lost his life doing his job, a second officer is fighting for his life. For both those men we are grateful. For all the people injured we stand with you, and will help you live again. For those who lost their lives, we can never replace you, but we will stand with your families and they will not morn alone.

For the rest of you jerks, shut up.

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