Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Boston after Bombing

Got back a little bit ago from attending Boston after the Bombings WBUR reporter Tom Ashbrook put it together on short notice with the help of Emerson College.

The room was packed, I'm so proud of my city for getting together to find answers. One of the speakers was a doctor who was running the Marathon who did triage after the bombing. She was amazing said she was not a hero, she was just doing her job. She only stayed for a short time as she had to get back to the hospital. She started crying as she talked about the people she helped at the blast site and how she was still helping today. The audience totally disagreed and gave her a 3 minute standing ovation as she left. We also heard from the incident commander of the Boston Police force. Yes he got a standing ovation too. He talked a little bit about what went on that horrible day, and the search for the two suspects. He talked a bit about how the brothers had many guns and pipe bombs, how the police worked together to find the brothers. He refused to use their names, still referring to them as suspect 1 and suspect 2.

Sadly Imam Suhiab Webb of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center apparently thought the entire thing was a big joke. He wanted to talk about the Celtics game, and complain how he was not allowed to speak at the interfaith service. He brought up the fact that there had been shootings since the bombing and no one was having an interfaith service or big meetings about that. They totally do have community meetings about that, I guess he just does not attend. He also said the brothers were more influenced by Grand Theft Auto than they were Islam. I don't play GTA is there a player option where you get points for sneaking behind innocent people and kill them with bombs.

Any way, it was a real learning experience.

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