Monday, March 09, 2020

My experience wiith the new licensing requirements

Let me explain... I moved to the laptop because this is going to be a lot of typing. 

When I first got my drivers license, my only picture id for most of my life. I needed to prove my date of birth. I used a small index size copy from the hospital I was born in. It had been my proof of birth since birth. Used for every thing from getting me into first grade, to a drivers license, college, even my wedding. 

After showing my birth certificate in 1977, I was in all the times I renewed my license (even when I moved over state lines ) never again asked to provide proof of birth. I even used that little paper to apply for a passport. Suddenly I was told to go to an office in another city and pay to obtain a different kind of birth certificate. That I had to pay for! 

That I could not afford! I had to borrow money that month to get enough food to survive I wrote checks that I knew would hit the over draft account, so lets add an additional 32 dollars to my over draft. I was able to just make it to get a new license.

 If there had been a mistake on my license, or if I still had my marred name (the horror) it would have cost me even MORE to get that id. What if the only place to get my birth certificate was in Framingham or Worcester .I could not go there. I would no longer have a photo id, and wold have lost my right to vote and travel. Now in some places getting that information is harder and more expensive. I just managed to get it done, spending a lot of money and a full two days, I really did not have in the process. I walked out of the RMV realizing how close I came to loosing my right to drive, travel, and vote. 

I consider myself lucky, unlike these poor people.

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