Friday, April 17, 2020

Mail less in Revere. - My ongoing saga

So last week, the post office of Revere decided to stop delivering mail to my building. I started calling people on Wednesday because I figured one or two days were a fluke, but a full week is just being rude. 

These are the facebook posts I have been making since Wednesday. Please remember my sense of humor is full on morbid.

April 15th
Came back to building to find an emergency. Building has had no mail delivery for 3 days.

I have half an answer.
So on Friday people stopped getting mail. Today, I called
Revere Housing Authority - left a voice mail - They only work half days
Revere 311 - told me to call the Post Office
Ira - Let a voice mail. Call me Ira Novoselsky
My local congressman's office
News reporter Tara Vocino

The Post Office told me that they had stopped delivering mail to our building because we had cases of Covid 19 in our building. If we do, RHA is doing it's usual horrible job of dealing with it.
According to the Revere Post Office, they told RHA on Friday that they were no longer delivering mail, and that either RHA needed to have someone in the building to escort the postal worker in or contact them to confirm the building is safe.

Revere Housing Authority being RHA, has done, say it with me kids, nothing! I was the one who had to call and find out! I was the one who had to put a letter on the wall letting my neighbors know why we have not been getting mail.
Me, not the people paid to manage this building ME!!
Who do I call next? The Mayor, our Senators? The President?
Better yet, who do I tag?

Calling 211 to see if we can get help. Or at least our mail

Any one have a chain I can borrow? I might need to lock myself to a building again and I can't find mine. I can bring my own padlock.
Long talk with mom, she is proud of me for kicking ass and taking names.
Just looked at my emails, I got a message back from the USPS hotline to contact consumer affairs in Boston tomorrow. Tomorrow is going to be fun!

Aprl 16
So I was a little to hung over to chain myself to a building today. Maybe tomorrow.
Talked to the Post Office, who say every other large building in the city has agreed to have some one from management to receive the mail in front of the building. Revere Housing refuses.

I called Revere Housing, who surprise surprise don't want to. To much like work I guess.
So I called 211 who were appalled, glad some one is. They told me to call the Attorney General's office. I did.
Left a message there.Lets see where this goes.

The continuing saga of mail
Contacted Congresswoman Clark's office to see if they can help. Spoke to a person there who said he would call RHA and ask what their response was.
I called HUD in Boston too.
Spoke to 311 at the Mayors office too. No one can figure out how to make RHA do a simple job.
I will continue my search for the one person who can make the Revere Housing Authority work.
Any one want to call and complain - 781-284-4394
I wish I was their boss, not just a disappointed client.

I do want to send my love to the many people who have offered to help me get my own mail. That is very sweet, but I am responsible for a lot of people who need taking care of.
I will get my mail when every one else does

Mail saga - I have no idea what chapter
Still no chain, did find my ass kicking boots, so my feet will be warm. Found a big stick too
Housing claims they are "researching the problem" and "understand our concern"
I solved it this morning, Post office wants RHA to do the very very same thing Jack Satter house is doing. Have an employee in front of the building to take the mail inside.
RHA response "don't wanna"
I wonder if I could become the new director?

The continuing sage of mail - City edition
Well the Mayor answered my question. He is "appalled" buy the news and called Senator Markey, Big whoop who hasn't!

Revere Housing Authority lied through their teeth about how well they were caring for the people at 50 Walnut Avenue. Daily cleaning and safety check in calls. Please providing notices of current health and safety warnings. Oh please why he still believes a word they say is beyond me.
Well I am not giving up. Thanks for the laugh Karyn & Tyler, I promise not to do anything stupid just yet.

Tagging people I want to bring into this conversation
Should I a bill to Revere Housing Authority for all the work I have done trying to fix the mail problem? Or sue them for stress and aggravation?
I have a therapy appointment tomorrow so I can't go over to the building and demand they do their jobs.

Letter just posted by Revere Housing Authority. At my suggestion. Am I mentioned NO

I had better get some kind of award from the city for my handling of this crisis. What do you think Ira Novoselsky? Can I count on you? I also want a word with the person who decided to stop our mail. Maybe more than one, but they will all be repeatable

The sage of the missing mail - getting close to the last chapter.
Just got a call from the mayors office, the Revere Post Office has been ordered to start delivering mail to this building, it might happen tomorrow, it might happen Tuesday. But they have been ordered by the Boston office of the USPS to man up and deliver the mail.
I called Washington D.C. today to leave a complaint with the consumer protection wing of the Post Office. Lets see if they get back to me.They did, they did! With words stronger than appalled.

If I do get mail, and I want some, I am going to open a bottle of champagne, not sure if it will be up the side of someones head or with a corkscrew. Which when you think of it can also be used as a weapon.

This might be the last post in the mail saga: no promises
I have been told by both Senator Markey's office, and the United States Post Office that we will be getting mail delivery. One said tomorrow one said Monday.
Lets see how this goes.

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