Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Topsfield Fair

I spent most of today at the Topsfield Fair with K and her son. What a little cutie he is turning into. Strong willed too, but no so strong willed that he can't be handled with a few of the tricks my parents and grandmother used on me.

We got there just before noon, early enough to see everything with not to many crowds, but because of the rain that morning the parking area was still muddy. A couple of vehicles got stuck in the mud, most notibly a large state van from a group home that ended up fishtailing and spraying any person of vehicle near by with mud. As I walked around the mud fell off me, my car needs washing.

We went to the garden center to pick out a pumpkin for him. One shelf was 3 dollars and she let him pick his own pumpkin. She did not like the one he picked and tried to get him to put it back and get another one. No he wanted the one he wanted and no other. I moved a few other pumpkins, to his eye level to see if he had mostly picked 'his' because of location. He put his down and picked up another one. One of the ones that did not have marks on them.

Special message to people who do carved pumpkins, Spencer and Fidget love raw pumpkin and will happily take all the eye holes and toothy grins off your hands.

I picked up some silver queen corn for myself, shared an ear with Spencer and Fidget.

We went into the petting zoo, and had quite the time getting Bryan to feed the animals. He did not understand the need to hold his hand out flat to feed the animals, but had fun anyway. He and I took a turn around a ring on the back of an Indian elephant. Her name is Emma and she is 40 years old. I think she thought she was a horse the way she just wandered around the ring. Tiny little thing though, tiny, for an elephant. I thought she was a baby, not an adult. Not that I have a lot of experience with elephants.

I got a chance to talk to a woman who has a scrap booking company. She is part of a larger company that sells the scrap booking supplies and she had some amazing ideas for scrap booking. Ah kindred souls, we had a great conversation about scrap booking.

When it came time for lunch, K was surprised at the food prices, and concerned because her son likes some foods more than others. She almost got him a slice of pizza, but I suggested a hot dog instead. She said he liked pizza better, but I figured that since he had not seen the pizza, and was not able to read the sign saying pizza, he would not know that pizza was an option. He ate a hot dog, no bun.

I took her home after that, and stopped at the near by used book store to grab some books. I am getting good at keeping myself to under 40 dollars while there. Still ended up with two bags of books, everything from a few biographies, to a nice hard cover edition of 'Is Paris Burning' I read that in high school and was fascinated with the story.

I will have to add them to my book list later. I took them upstairs last night, and left the computer down here. I am more than a bit behind on my library list.

No other plans for the day, I should mow the lawn and spread the remainder of the mulch, do some weeding, except I can't bend over. I need to get more ink for my photo printer so I can print out the pictures from yesterday, not a big deal.

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