Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Looking for Betsy McCall

I have been wandering around the web looking for more paper doll sites. Not that I don't love the amazing creative people making new paper dolls, I am also looking for the dolls I remember from my childhood. One of those dolls is Betsy McCall. She was an ever so cute little girl with a Mom and Dad and showed up in McCall magazine. The paper doll family had friends, pets and interesting monthly adventures.

Parents, well Mom's were suppose to cut out the dolls and play with her children. In reality Mom let the kids have at the scissors and play with the dolls themselves. I found a great site that has many of the pages from McCall magazine for people to read and remember playing with.

Betsy McCall

Did any one have a favorite paper doll when they were kids?


  1. I loveloveloved these Victorian mouse paper dolls, so detailed and romantic and fun!

    Have you seen Paper Thin Personas yet? RLC just started blogging, she does really cool black and white ones.

  2. No I had not seen PTP yet. Thanks for the link I will check it out.


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