Sunday, June 21, 2009

Personally I am about out of spoons

So you get a rare personal post today. I have a few movie reviews in the pipe line. Another post about why I like Whidden Hospital so much. If you have any burning interest in my limited personal life the fibro_witch is full of fun stuff. Two bits of news worthy information in today's post.

Franklin Covey is having their annual sale huge savings on the things I need to have.

The MSPCA has a lot of birds looking for forever homes. I want more birds.

None at all. Between today's weather, and yesterday's fun. Today my energy level is at zero. I have all of two spoons, and feeding the animals took one of of those from me. Still there are things I have to do today. I have to go to the pet store and get food for my zoo. There are things I want to do today, go to the Prudential Center Mall and hit the Franklin Planner sale. Things I want to do, head down to the ASPCA and take a look at some of the larger parrots they have up for adoption. They have 8 different large birds, and close to 50 small birds up for adoption. I was thinking of adding to my zoo with a larger feathered friend.


Sunday, Jun 21st, 2009 -- You may feel a bit stifled today as prior obligations prevent you from doing exactly what you want. But don't be too quick to judge the situation. Slow down and ask yourself how you can benefit now from fulfilling your responsibilities. Although your mental agility has you jumping all over the playing field, you'll be happier if you can stay in one place long enough to make it feel like your own.

No horoscope it's not prior obligations that prevent me from doing what I want, it's my darn frigging body that prevents me from doing what I want. I had a great day yesterday, lots of fun hanging with my peeps. Today, I am paying for that fun night, that late night. I am paying for it today. Hopefully not all day, but some of the day.


I have a must do list, a want to do list and a wish to do list.

The A list

Get pet food
Get people food
Call Santa and wish him a happy Fathers Day
Search the collected mail and see if I got an alimony check last week

The B list

Get to Franklin Covey sale at the Prudential Mall
Get a fathers day card

The C list

Get over to the ASPCA and meet the woman in charge of large bird adoption. The ASPCA has a number of birds available for adoption, MSPCA birds I would love to add a few more birds to the flock. I wanted to talk to the guys at Allston Pet about getting a larger flight cage for the cockatiel's and seeing what he has for used cages I could maybe get for cheap.

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