Tuesday, December 01, 2009

People who need to move - second edition

Look Boston, the USS Constitution has been firing it cannons, and playing the National Anthem while docked on Constitution wharf longer than any of my relatives have lived in Boston. And that my friends is a long long time. And since USS Constitution has been firing off her cannons for such a long time, they have the right to continue firing them as long as they want. Honestly, if I was able to afford one of those super expensive condos by the wharf I would make a point of being proud to be able to see this beautiful frigate on a daily basis. Instead of the monthly visit I now make. But I have history with her, so much history. I love her.

Unlike these people I don't expect the city of Boston, or the US Navy to change long standing practices just to please me.

I also fear the Navy, which has long wanted to pull USS Constitution out of Boston Harbor and send her to Baltimore or Washington D.C. will use this noise complaint as a reason to demand her transfer. We don't have Ted Kennedy in the Senate to protect our claim to her any more. I don't think John Kerry has the power to keep her here.

Our city is being taken over by people who have to sense of tradition. If you don't want to hear the noise of the USS Constitution and the National Anthem every morning, then maybe you should not live next to a Naval Vessel.

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