Sunday, March 07, 2010

Amazingly cool links

Many from friends around the web, and  one or two I have found on my own.   Sorry have not been doing much more than crashing on my bed the last few days.  Warm weather has brought with it a minor flair and a bit more pain than I can deal with.

Bad body, no cookies.
the oatmeal  One of my favorite humor comic web sites, the artist just got a book deal!

wisebread - living large on a small budget

 Piers Anthony       I am sure everyone has read at least one of his series, and his web site is an amazing collection of blog posts, information and encouragement for new writers of all kinds.   

 Free Videos Online - Watch TV Online - Free Video Clips | Veoh
 the tv and movie site that is NOT hulu, but does have many CBS shows and a near complete collection of the Star Trek series. From TOS to Enterprise including the hard to find cartoon series.

I love wiki's and I love humor this web page fandom wank brings the two together wonderfully.

Oh well, time for me to crash in a big heap.  Need something to get my muscles to relax. Enjoy the links. If anyone has any links of their own that they think my distract me from my pain, please send them my way.

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