Monday, March 15, 2010

From Twitter 03-14-2010

Happy Phi day everyone!!! Saying good bye to the pets is so not easy, I know I am going to cry all day. Hope I get to still see them often
The cat is sitting on the foot rest swinging a paw at Byron's ears. He just twitches his ear every once in a while so she keeps at it.
Three days of rain takes it
Three days of rain turns the back yard into a bit of a puddle. Floor is a bit damp, sumps doing their best job to keep it out.
Sump pumps have their jobs cut out for them. Both are running at full speed and have been since this morning. As long as they stay ahead <3
The birds are in their new home. They chattered &sang all the way there. empty space in house is smaller than empty space in my heart
Down to me Byron the dog, and Purrball the cat. I have never felt so empty in my life. Going to hide in my room for the rest of the day
Going to close my eyes and take a short nap. Anything to make the day go by faster. Anything. I feel so dead inside. I miss my babies so
Just tried to replay the video I took of the birds this morning. But it has no sound! Well it would not have helped with my mood.
Winning the battle against the water, wind is so strong it is shaking the house. I wonder what the weather will be like in a 10 story bldg

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