Monday, April 26, 2010

Dear doctor, I am not depressed, I'm pissed

Investigated the medications my doctor suggested for treatment of my fibromyalgia. All three of Savella Lyrica and Cymbalta all three are for the treatment of depression or general anxiety. I am not depressed, not one bit. I'm pissed off, tired of not feeling well. Annoyed because no matter how many times I try to talk to my doctor about my joint pain, she wants to talk about anti depressants.

I hurt when I move, my joints hurt. I bruise easily, get mouth and nose ulcers. The last bone scan and X ray of my hips showed damage to the cartilage. Giving me an anti depression medication will not help me.

I don't see that I have much of a choice. I can either keep eating Tylenol and get little to no relief or, I can agree to take a series of anti depressants. Which, if memory serves, make me depressed.

Maybe if I agree to take one of these stupid meds I can go back to Dr Von Deck and see if she will pull open my hips and take a look at them. She has my knee working a lot better than it has in many a year. Ya I wish I had put my foot down a decade ago and demanded my knee be repaired. It's not normal to fall down a lot, or have your foot stick out at a funny angle. Good news is my knee has not given out once since the surgery.

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