Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From Twitter 04-26-2010

I'm up, hurt like heck. OTC pain meds are just not cutting it anymore. See the doctor at 11. hope she can offer me some real help
Called RHA this morning to see if I could get my parking pass. Nope the guy is not in again today. Maybe tomorrow. Must have a no show job
Heavy nasty pain in my legs. don't think I will be going any where right now. I feel like I am going to fall down
Watching #Chuck. I love this show. It's so funny. We go a Jeffster sighting and Morgan in Europe. Too funny
Stopped at Stop & Shop because I was craving oranges. Got a 5 pound bag, but 3 of the oranges were bad! I'm pissed about that
ARG can't find my stupid screwdriver or the set of heads. So I can't finish putting together my doll house. Getting annoyed at my life

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