Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Things that are no longer there

Been flipping around the web tonight and got to looking at blogs about abandoned buildings. From there I followed links to pictures of abandoned theme or amusement parks. This lead to me wondering about places I remember from my childhood that are no longer there.

I started looking at this wikipedia paga defunct amusement parks and from there looked at a specific amusement park I remembered going to as a kid. Rocky Point. From there I started wondering about the stores I use to go to. Like Zayre and good old Spags And another old favorite

One of the more recent store closings Ames Department Store which even has a web site for fans of Ames fanclub

Of course living where I do, I think every day about an amusement park I never did see in operation. Wonderland Amusement Park looking at these old pictures Wonderland

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