Monday, May 03, 2010

DRY Black eye for Revere

If you wish to find out if the city of Revere is providing water for it's residences. Don't look at the cities web site. Don't check with the police. Don't call city hall. Your best, honestly your ONLY choice is to go down to city hall and stand in front of the Mayors Office. Well dear readers, friends, fellow thirsty residences. I had to go down to city hall anyway, so once I got Byron's dog license, I went and stood by the mayors office. Behind closed doors the brain trust that runs this city, minus the Mayor because he is on vacation (again)!

Finally an older woman who refused to give me her name came out and spoke to the city hall receptionist. She said, "You can tell people who call that we will be handing out a small amount of water at Showcase Cinema's on Route 60, starting at 2pm." She turned to go back into the office and I asked her if they would be delivering water to the elderly or disabled residences of Revere as other cities and towns in the effected area have been. She was very rude, saying "Your lucky we're doing this!

I turned to the receptionist and asked when the Mayor was returning to the city. She said he should be back on Thursday. I wonder if I should attempt to see him, or just realize that is the way this city does not work.

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