Monday, May 03, 2010

Revere puts out a drip for citizens

Sorry I have been little miss post a lot today, but I don't have much else to do with my anger but blog about it. Brought my camera with me to the water drip off. There was not enough water there to cal it a drop off. But the camera has this issue with batteries. It has a rechargeable battery and when the camera just sits the battery drains. More often than not, this NEW camera is unusable. I'm still pissed off that my cannon camera broke. I would have loved to take some pictures.

There was a photographer there from the Boston Globe, I hope this means some one is covering this story besides ME!

So let me tell you in words what I can't show you in pictures. At the entrance to the Show case Cinema was was on of those light up road signs. There in big letters was the word WATA. So guys I know that is the proper phonetic spelling of the word, but some something important like this don't drop that 'R'. As I pulled around to the back of the building I was asked by an officer to produce id that proved I was a resident of revere. The head of the Board of Health was there. At least I think that is who it was, I got out of the truck and tried to talk to him, but he turned his back on me. I had to open the back of the truck any way so the public works guys could put the case of water in the back.

I took a very quick count and I think at best there were 12 pallets of Poland Springs water. Each person in line was allowed one case of water. One case of water is six three liter bottles. I know that is enough water for myself and the pets to last a week. Not so sure it would be more than a drip in the bucket.

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