Thursday, June 17, 2010

From Twitter 06-16-2010

Time to get ready for the exterminators. All Dr Who references aside, I am fairly annoyed at the entire process. Hope this is a 1 time thing
Back in the apartment opened some windows to air out the place, no smell really. It is nice to be home gonna rest for a bit.
Making a quick late lunch, then heading to CVS for a medication run. Need cat food & litter as well. I like having a boring life.
Back from errands, Cat broke a bulb on my battery operated candle stick. I hope I got up all the bits of glass. She got me back for this am
Must stay awake, Have a tenant meeting in 1 hour, so want to take a nap. caffeine not helping, must eat something.
Just finished watching a how it's made about the movie Jaws. Wow, jaw dropping. Now I'm watching Hot in Cleveland. Oh WOW.

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