Thursday, June 17, 2010

A quck heads up on Revere Beach

New expanded patrols by the State Police have started on Revere Beach.  They will continue each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday for the remainder of the beach going season.

Sadly for the officers, and those of us who follow the sun.*  Today is not much of a beach going day. The officers are bored and looking for something, anything to do to stave off boredom.  There are only so many donuts that can be eaten, only so many cups of  coffee that can be consumed.  Be warned then friends if you
  • LItter
  • Don't clean up after your dog
  • Appear to be a vagrant
  • Jaywalk - by which I mean the not crossing at a marked crossing sign. Not the search for the American Idiot late night tv show kind.
  • Look at the officers "funny"
You will be asked to identify yourself.

Also as I left the beach with my dog who I cleaned up after thank you very much!!  The officers had started to play a new and costly game.  A plain clothes officer would cross the street on a marked cross walk. The ones marked with the big sign warning of the huge fine that comes from not stopping for a pedestrian.  Any vehicle that did not stop well before the marked cross walk was then invited to pull over and get to know a uniformed officer better.  The only vehicle I did not feel sorry for is the big SUV who tried to move into the opposite lane and pass a uniformed officer. 

An officer who had already assumed the pose I was lead to believe meant STOP!  You know body  in the middle of traffic, right hand outstretched, palm up. Said driver stopped, not in the crosswalk the officer was standing next to, but completely over the cross walk, and maybe at best a few feet away from the officer. 

I believe those of us resting in the pavilion were totally justified in applauding the drivers for his massive dick move.

*Dear Sunkist beverage company, people who enjoy your drink are not heading for the sun, they are following the sun. If they did indeed head for the sun they would be in need of a large rocket ship that could reach maximum escape velocity.  Thus hopefully releasing  myself and others from watching your annoying adds.  I say that is a win win for everyone involved. 

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