Friday, June 18, 2010

From Twitter 06-17-2010

Dog knocked over bottle of #shout last night, all on the floor none left in bottle. Did not plan on cleaning the floor must admit it shines
Called a computer repair place to come over and help me figure out why my wireless keeps dropping out & how to set up the print network.
Dang this waiting thing is annoying. So very annoying
This made me laugh because to me organizing my book cases means you know putting books on them. Lots & lots of books
Just realized I got my days mixed up. Geek repair is tomorrow. Arg!!!!! Oh well, at least I got more books correctly placed on book shelves
Yesterday I got take out pizza, don't feel like cooking again today, Maybe I'll have something out of the freezer. I'll shop tomorrow.
Dear ESPN ABC. I would like to watch the basket ball game, not the people in the stands. If they are not on the paint I DON'T care
Turned off the basketball game, the refs are handing the came to the Lakers

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