Friday, June 18, 2010

Look computer NO Wires

No wires unless you count the power cord I guess.  I had given up on getting the wireless router and printer hub to work. No matter how many times I fussed with it the stupid thing would crash.  I thought about calling Geek Squad, but their prices are insane.  Plus, I would much prefer to send my business to a small local business than a big conglomerate.

Found a place called Geek Housecalls in Burlington, MA and contacted them.  Called them first thing Monday morning, and while they had appointments for Tuesday and Wednesday open I requested Friday. It made it easier for me between the exterminator, the tenant meeting and laundry day.   The tech was due at 3:30, and just before then he called to let me know he was on the other side of the city and would be battling traffic to get to me.  I had nothing planned but walking Byron and making dinner so I was more than happy to wait. 

Joe arrived only a bit late, and set to work figuring out why my wireless and router refused to behave.  I am almost embarrassed to say he managed to fix the problem in less time than it took for him to drive here.  I guess when your knowledgeable about computers, this stuff it is kind of easy.  He showed me where I made my mistakes, and then we discussed if the desk top should be updated to window 7 or just left alone. Joe, said that the age of the machine it would be a mistake.  I already took all the pictures and documents off the machine.  It was quick and easy and without a doubt some of the best money I have ever spent.

He gave me a coupon for $20 dollars off service for anyone who calls them on my recommendation. So anyone who needs computer help, I have a recommendation for you.

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