Sunday, November 07, 2010

Sunday Links

A few of the things I have looked at this week.

You got questions, they got answers.

David Bianculli is one of the smarter tv critics out there. He is the regular guest host of Fresh Air

This is one of my favorite new shows Prehistoric

The AV club has a great series called Gate ways to Geekery and just reached post 75 on Edgar Allen Poe.

Watch George Takei call out homophobic Arkansas School board member take down

Star Trek cited in Texas Supreme Court Well quoted in a law. Wonder if they will start publishing school books in Klingon? Perhaps passing the Kobayashi Maru will become a requirement to graduate?

Quick question> Is my ability to spell Kobayashiu Maru without having to look it up a good thing, or proof of my geekery?

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