Thursday, January 20, 2011

Monday and after Arisia

Byron and I are both exhausted. He has curled up under my feet and is trying to sleep. The cat is happy to have us home and is bugging him for attention. I came back to a couple of notes on my door of stuff people want me to do. Gotta call UPS, they did not leave my packages here, even though I told them a signature was not necessary. Going to have to get on their web site and reconfirm that.

Byron had a stressful day, he was fine, but a seeing eye dog that was also at the convention kept trying to go after him. Byron was great about it, just steering me away from a confrontation. Lots of good panels, especially the ones on Sunday night. I had a great time at the "Last Airbender" panel. We only spent 30 minutes complaining about how the live action movie disappointed everyone. Then we had fun talking about the Nickelodeon show and how amazing it was.

This morning I went to a panel on Fandom and Disability followed by a panel on the Myth of Fani tolerance. At the first panel I said that in terms of acceptance, that the disabled fan is about where Gay and Lesbian fans were ten to fifteen years ago. While Arisia and other cons treat homosexuality as some thing you are born with and do not choose to be, the disabled are not so lucky. Your kink might be okay, but your illness is not. Disabled people are treated as if they have chosen to be disabled. As if disability is something you can put away for a weekend. Be it setting up chairs so that people in wheel chairs or scooters don't have to sit in the aisle. Or not making people search out braille programs. Not having a fit about service dogs would be nice too.

I continued the bitch fest in the Myth of fanish tolerance. Where I again brought up disability and the idea that I can turn my disability on and off. I also mentioned how people who are from Boston are not welcome in Arisia. Most of the committee and the attendees are people who moved here, for college, or because they felt Boston should be their home. Those of us who get to be born here are treated with disrespect. As if they are smarter or more worldly because they moved here. Much like the Friday night panel about Boston had no Bostonians', most science fiction conventions are Bostonian free.

Got home to find a note on my door from the president of the tenants committee. He wants to have a tenants meting tomorrow night. I had something planned for tomorrow evening, which I had to change. I will be taking T to the doctors for a 1pm appointment, then I guess coming back here for a meeting. Well that's it for now. Guess I had better get going on that.
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