Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sunday at Arisia

Lots of good panels today. Really enjoyed the Max Headroom panel. Took lots of pictures of people with Byron. Which was super fun. I grabbed a book I did not have, and some fun t-shirts. Byron does not like the crowded dealers row floor so we don't spend much time there. I did have his portrait drawn by one of the artists. I will scan it when I get home and attach a link to the artists web site.

I was suppose to attend the Boskone party tonight, but by the time I got up stairs at 11pm I was just to tired. Chatted with my brother on line for a bit, now I think I am just going to go to bed.

Nightwing gave me a stack of Tapadance apas, Not sure how many as I have yet to open the bag. I plan on scanning them just for the hell of it. I had the complete collection, called myself the archivist of Tapadance. But I left them behind when I moved out of Enfield.

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