Thursday, January 20, 2011

Saturday at Arisia

Having a fun day so far. Went to some good panels, including Fandom & Disability. There is a panel on Library Thing I would kind of like to see, but Byron is a bit stressed out and needs some down time. So I am skipping the panel and hanging with him in the room. I wonder what Arisia TV has going for it?

The new 90 minute program grid is hard to fathom, well at least for me it is. Since I don't wear a watch and rairly if ever check the time on my phone I am never sure when panels are going to start. I leave one panel, go to the Art Show or Dealers Room / Row, and before I realize it, time has passed. I have missed a couple of panels because of that.

I set an alarm to remind myself to attend Disaster Preparedness for Fans. I am not sure I know anyone who is on the panel this year. I'll just sit back and have some fun. First of course, is letting Byron rest. He needs it. I forgot to bring a water dish with me when we went down stairs and he ended up just a bit to dehydrated. I'm sorry Byron, I'll try to do better next time.

Here is a link to the pictures I have taken at Arisia so far. Byron at Arisia Time to wander for a bit. If we have not bumped into you yet, I am sure we will soon.
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