Friday, June 03, 2011

Batting clean up

I don't know why I did not do this sooner! When I went to my storage unit to get my summer clothing I also started opening some more boxes. I know I did a bit of that with koshmom, but I did not bring a lot of stuff back. When I found my favorite shirt, one that I thought was lost, it kick started my brain. I was missing my stuff, my books, my dolls, my stuff. So starting last week, I started bringing home my stuff. Now of course this apartment does not have even a quarter of the space my home had, but with a few careful nips here and there, it can. So I posted a few things on Craigslist, got one taker on the monster Kirby vacuum cleaner. I love the thing, but I takes up as much room as a chair. Room I don't have!!

I also took a look at what was around me, I realized I have empty boxes sitting on top of the kitchen cabinets. They can be tossed out, and a few of my Dept 56 houses can safely sit up there. Many of the dolls I have are pink box dolls that I can easily sell on Craigslist also. I am sure I can find buyers, I will not make back the price of the doll, but some one will enjoy them. I have been going through my clothing and weeding out stuff I don't fit into and stuff I don't wear any more. I mean really I'm 50, time to stop wearing mini skirts. I actually emptied out two drawers when I finished putting stuff away.

I hung a few more pictures, including one of my dad, and put up the shadow boxes of collectable Barbie and Ken clothing I have. I even put up a few things in the vast white space that is the bathroom.

Called my neighbor this morning and asked him to help me put together the three story wooden house I am using to display a lot of my dolls. With the top on it becomes a four shelf unit and I can put a lot more dolls on it. I also took down the empty boxes I put on top of the Ikea clothing rack and shelving unit and after measuring one of my Barbie houses from the storage unit realized I could set up a two story doll house.

I decided that I am going to get rid of dvd's I will not watch again, or books I don't have an interest in reading again. I brought a small box of DVD's down to the building library, which I am sure will be snapped up quickly. I also started a box for books I am going to put in that library also. I know I can't keep every thing, but with any luck and a bit of care, I can end up with a nice balance. I even found my clarinet!

I sat down to watch the game, when suddenly I had the urge to jump in the shower. Not sure why, I mean I usually shower before bed, not normally at 8 pm. But it was just so strong, it had the same urgency as a need to pee. Well during the second inning when the Sox were screwing up so badly I got up and took a nice long shower. I washed and conditioned my hair (which has not been washed in about a week and did kind of need it. I scrubbed and scrubbed until I started feeling clean. Purrball likes to watch me shower, I don't know why, but she tries to grab the water that hits the shower. When I step out of the shower she tries to steal my wet towel. She is just an odd duck my cat.

Bit by bit step by step. It will happen.

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