Thursday, June 02, 2011

I have a calm

It struck me just a little while ago, normally my annual battle with the IRS, where I have to sit down and justify each and every deduction I make. Where they block access to my bank account, and then take their time getting around to me. Yet I'm calm. I don't need gas for the car, my monthly bills are already covered, or due late in the month. I went up to my storage unit today and brought back some more clothing and boxes of Barbie Dolls. Most of what is still in storage up there is Barbie stuff. Really the entire village many many bits of furniture. Opening boxes and seeing things I though were lost to me is so exciting! I have food in the fridge enough soda for a week. As much milk as I will ever drink. Both Byron and Purrball have plenty of food.

Normally I would be in a corner freaking out, normally I would be a big ball of panic. But I'm not, I'm calm. When I stopped at Stop & Shop I saw my former next door neighbor David. I gave him a big hug and we chatted for a bit. He said he missed me, and that a group of kids were living in my house. He asked me to please come back and visit as he missed me. Which made me feel good, it was so nice to know I am missed. We even joked about him renting me an apartment. I only have the dog and cat now, but I think moving in next door to my old house would be to painful. Seeing him did remind me that I have real friends back on Arcadia street, and I should go back and visit them.

Well I have some boxes to get out of the car. Think I will spend the evening sorting out books to drop in the building library. Going to put all the DVD's and tapes I don't plan on watching again there to. Yesterday I put up some more pictures on the walls and I think I am feeling happy. I have a calm.

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