Sunday, June 05, 2011

WBUR Spring Festival

Byron and I went to the WBUR Spring Festival I was looking forward to a fun day and the event did not disappoint. The station gave out free t-shirts; well since you had to pay to get in, I guess they were part of the price of admission. Several local companies who purchase sponsorships on WBUR were there handing out samples of their food. There were two different companies selling baked goods, one sold bread the other pastry. They looked great, but I had to stay away from both places. The pastry group only brought one kind of pastry, the one covered with almonds and made with marzipan. The bread people had one bread with almonds, but had used the very same knife to cut each loaf. Happily the sherbert and ice cream were nut free! The flat bread pizza was delicious, and I got a chicken & cheese piece for Byron to snack on.

It was hot in the sun, and after a while Byron and I sat by in the Community Rowing building. It was out of the sun and felt much cooler. We listened to Livingston Taylor sing and he made several small friends. They had a guy making balloon animals for kids, which I kept Byron away from. He does not like balloons at all. When we were sitting, a few people who had balloons let the balloons touch the ground where the cement was in the sun and warm. Byron just about jumped out of his skin. It took a while to calm him down. When the event ended he was more than ready to head home.

I posted all the pictures I took on Byron's face book page Byron at Spring Festival We got to meet several of the radio hosts. The Car Talk guys were there, and the pictures I got of the two of them with Byron are precious!

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