Monday, June 06, 2011

Busy and tired.

Last night I went to bed early, because I was very very tired. Could not keep my eyes open started dozing on the couch. So I figured it was time to go to bed. Took my medications, took a shower and slid under the blankets. Tossed and turned, looked at the ceiling. Tried counting nothing worked. I decided at 1am to read a little bit. It did not help, indeed I think it woke me up a bit more. Finally gave up and got up at 6am. Went up to the storage area and brought down a few more boxes of books. I have been slowly pulling books out of my collection that I am going to donate. I have to sit down and go through each book and pull it out of library thing.

I also brought over four boxes of boxed dolls. Dolls that have never been removed from their box that I normally displayed. Say older more valuable dolls that increased in value as time when by. Or dolls that are just so beautiful and complex that I could not display the dolls out of box. Only pulled out a few, trying to decided if I should maybe sell a few of the dolls or just put them back into storage.

I have been thinking of getting a smaller storage unit, it will be cheaper and with so much of my stuff actually being in the apartment now it might work. Still thinking what I want to do. Just not sure.

Had a nice dinner I defrosted some chicken wings and put them in a bit of balsamic vinaigrette and spices. I let that sit in the fridge over night, and put them into a covered pan and cooked them on low heat for 15 minutes. They were delicious! I just tossed spices together to see what comes out. One of these days I should start taking notes so I can replicate things I really like. Who am I kidding, I never cook the same way or the same thing twice.

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